About Me

Green and sustainability are NOT just SEO buzzwords to me.



 They are my passion – my way of life; how many    veggies can say their vegeversary started at 8-years-old?

 I also have a successful grant writing career that proves that my writing can bring in the green ($). I wrote successful grants for a small arts education nonprofit and an established Los Angeles hospital.

 That Gut Feeling

 At Dartmouth College (yes, our mascot is The Big Green), I followed my gut. In 2010, I graduated with uberpractical and ubersecure degrees — anthropology and geography double major and art history minor.

 I had no idea at the time, but my gut had tapped into innate skills and curiosities that make me an effective writer.

  •  I have the curiosity of an anthropologist. I discover what really makes your clients tick – what is really  going to motivate them. That’s when the real(re)writing begins.
  • Geographers are constantly making connections. I (re)connect  your clients to your message.
  • Art historians are all about presentation. I present compelling and fresh copy that will (re)inspire your clients to take action. 

Green Means Go

Doing green takes guts. It would be so much easier to look the other way.

Because this doing green business takes work, I want to make it easy peasy for you. I’m detailed, I’m curious (Virgo here, so I can’t help it), I’m an excellent researcher, I make deadlines and I’m good about staying in touch – you won’t wonder if I was abducted by green aliens.

Above all, I genuinely want your success because I know whoever/whatever you serve depends on it.

If you have the gut feeling that I’m the writer for you, then you have the green light to contact me. If it’s a good fit, then I’m game.